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“SOME people say: ‘Maude Apatow is my spirit animal.’ I get that a lot,” Maude Apatow said. “They tweet it to me.” Over a coconut milk smoothie at Café Gratitude, the trendy vegan restaurant on Larchmont Boulevard here, Maude was describing the rather intense fascination she has inspired on Twitter, where she has over 62,000 followers.

That may not compare to Lady Gaga’s total, but considering she is a 14-year-old just out of braces, not a celebrity and not someone who has done anything outrageous on YouTube, it’s an impressive fan base.

Of course, Maude, who has long chestnut-colored hair, a pale delicate frame and a face that is at once cherubic and knowing, is not a complete nobody. Her father is Judd Apatow, Hollywood’s comedy king, whose imprimatur is on wildly successful comedies like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” which he wrote, directed and produced, and “Bridesmaids,” which he produced.

And her mother is Leslie Mann, the blond, willowy actress who has starred in several of her husband’s films, most notably “Funny People,” in which she played the tempestuous ex-girlfriend of a comedian (played by Adam Sandler) who finds out he has cancer. Maude was also in that film, along with her younger sister, Iris, playing the daughters of Ms. Mann’s character, which they had done before in “Knocked Up.”

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